Top 3 Career Advantages of Getting an Online Business Degree

We all know the graduating class of 2011 has had a hard hit due to the recession and economic downturn. Despite the dreary economic status, record numbers of students are enrolling in business schools. The reason is that economics is so erratic, and to succeed in today’s competitive business world, staying prepared and having a degree in business from an accredited business program is a necessity. Opening doors to the study of economics, management, marketing, and risk management will arm you with skills to land a better job and better opportunities during the job hunt. Whether you plan to pursue this degree at a traditional college or at an online college, consider these 5 advantages to pursuing a business degree, as it greatly impact your quality of life.

The first most obvious advantage in higher education is an increase in salary. A study in 2010 reported that undergraduates who held degrees in business earned between 35-50k annually in entry level positions. However this depends on the type of degree and the location of the job offer; opportunities for advancement really contain many factors. If you have a higher education degree, though, advances and promotions should come a much easier.

Second, Job security is so important these days. You never want to have to wonder if you’ll have a job next month, or be able to pay the bills should you get laid off due to economic turmoil. Having a business degree, whether online or at a traditional college campus greatly improves job retention statistics. In fact, the more advanced education you have under your belt, the greater negotiating power you’ll have to secure your job and career choice. Bottom line, to stand out in a crowded job market, a business degree from a top online college can dramatically increase your chances of stable employment.

Third, Learning new skills will always be an advantage that comes along with higher education. Today’s industry is characterized with an array of cutting-edge, incorporation of tech savvy skills to meet the challenges of today’s complex world. Knowledge of software and latest computer programs effectively run businesses and with your knowledge and skill acquisition, you will have a head start over your colleagues who did not go back to school. Business school degrees will surely take your career advancements to a higher level.

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